Jay Leno drives 10,000 miles on 2.5 gallons of gas

As quoted recently in the NY Times about his all-time favorite Chevy’s, car enthusiast Leno had this to say about the electric Volt…

“I think the Volt is a real breakthrough. I took delivery of mine in December last year, and I’ve put 10,000 miles on the car, and so far I’ve only used 2.5 gallons of gas. I mean, they gave it to me with a full tank of gas, and I’ve yet to use it up. It’s my daily driver.”

Jay Leno and his Chevy Volt

So let’s do the math on his fuel coast savings. That’s 10,000 miles at say an average 25 mpg, or 400 gallons of gas with a regular car. At $3.50 per gallon, he saved at least $1,400 in fuel cost. We all know that gas prices will go up, so the savings will be even bigger in the future.

But that electricity to power the Volt came from somewhere. If Leno had a home solar system, he would spend maybe $5,000 and have truly $0 fuel cost for his electric Volt. He could buy a solar panel kit, warranted to work for 25 years, and not use any coal, oil or other dirty fuel.

But you don’t have to be a celebrity to go solar and save BIG… you can too!

Solar Power Your Home

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